Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (CCDS) was launched in 2005 and is today proud to present two professional educations.
The finest task for CCDS is to support the dancers, who wish to live up to their full potential and have a long solid dance career. The school has an exceptional focus on the combination of ballet and contemporary dance as well as on the physical capability in relations to the artistic reflection. This combination enables the students to immerse them selves in dance as a craft but also to use the school as a creative set off for their future work within the performing arts.


Pre-Education Programme for Contemporary Dancers

CCDS offers a 1-year Professional Pre-Education Programme to a selected group of career oriented contemporary dancers. The School’s Pre-Education Programme is aimed at dancers who wish to enrol in one of the leading professional higher contemporary dance educations in Europe.

The School works with personalized intensive training, coaching, solo work and audition preparation. The School has achieved a high stable success rate for students aiming to enrol in leading contemporary dance educations in Europe and CCDS recruits students for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year studies at these educations.

The students continue their education at amongst others Teaterschool Amsterdam, Artez in Arnheim, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, SNDO in Amsterdam, KHIO in Oslo, London Contemporary Dance School, SEAD in Salzburg, University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, CODARTS in Rotterdam (see the full list under ”Students”).
Over the years Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School has established an extensive international network and collaborates with a long line of professional higher dance educations in Europe.

Academic content

•  Contemporary Dance
•  Ballet for contemporary dancers
•  Improvisation
•  Composition with main focus on solo work
•  Repertoire
•  Partnering
•  Gyrokinesis®
•  Coaching
•  Study- and career guidance

Educational form

Teaching takes place both in groups and individually. Besides this there is individual guidance and coaching, discussions as well as practical home assignments.

Professional goal

The goal for the pre-education at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to optimize the physical abilities for each student in unison with an individual artistic expression. The build up of a high degree of independence and a great understanding of dance as a craft and profession is integrated as a central part of the education. Immersion in technical insight is established both through a somatic – and a more muscular and structural approach, which creates dancers who are both physically and mentally, prepared for acceptance into higher dance educations. Some students manage to go directly into jobs.

Exam & diploma

In order to pass the pre-education the students will be evaluated on the overall performance through out the year as well as the exam. The assessment of the year and the exam is weighted equally. If absence through out the year exceeds more than 10% a diploma will not be issued.
The subjects contemporary dance, ballet for contemporary dancers, composition, improvisation, partnering and repertoire are evaluated together through a open exam.
The exam will be assessed by the permanent faculty and by external examiners from the European dance environment.

At the end of the pre-education it is expected that the student has developed as a dancer to such a significantly degree that the skills match the international technical and artistic level for acceptance at a professional higher dance education. The exam is graded as passed or not passed. There is not a possibility of re-examination.


12-Week Intensive Post-Graduate Programme

For professional dancers who have graduated a professional dance education and are looking for a time and place to receive personal coaching to focus and develop their career.

The programme is for dancers with the ambition to expand their skills and boost their career opportunities. The education is an individual specialization. You share the space, the frame and the inspiration with a group of creative, determined and professional dance artists supporting each other in reaching your different goals whilst receiving the knowledge and tools to develop and manage your personal dance career. The core of the Post-Graduate Programme at CCDS is personal coaching.

Read more about the programme here.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - Pasteursvej 14 - 1799 København V - +45 50 57 46 67

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